Artist Viv Lynn

Meet Viv Lynn

When we look at a painting we can’t help but be moved by the series of brush strokes that unite to tell a story. I have studied many different artists and have been intrigued by the power of a simple brush stroke to excite the viewer’s senses.

While living in Australia I became a student of Aboriginal Art and Folklore. Central to Aboriginal belief is the Tjukurrpa, or ‘dreamtime’; a spiritual time long ago when ancestral human, animal, plant, and insect forms engaged in epic struggles to create the landscape.

Australian Aboriginal art is often a manifestation of the dreamtime. The artists see the landscape and feel the spiritual energy of their environment. Their strokes and symbols are more than patterns or depictions of objects. With the correct perspective the art can be read like a book, telling a story that is deeply rooted in the ‘dreamtime’.

Their dot art could be described as an ancient form of Pointillism, where the image that is created illustrates knowledge and history. As an artist, I am heavily influenced by the Aboriginal artists’ deep understanding of the natural forces of the earth, the inhabitant flora and fauna and indeed the total cosmos in which man, woman, animals, nature and natural phenomena are all linked.

This led me to discover my own natural stroke which represents the energies I see and feel around me. My current work is inspired by natural topographic phenomena as seen from above the earth and by the structural man-made form we see in our urban environments.

My intuitive vision guides me to lay down those lines on canvas and each work is like a map of a particular place and time. Every painting seems to have its own pulse and its own dream. 



I'm currently located in Santa Cruz, California. There is a vibrant community of artists here to be inspired by as my work continues to evolve. Everyday I am grateful for this passion to paint. 


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